Account Registration, Activation & Deletion

How do I activate my account?

When you enter all the details required, the instructions to activate your account will be sent to the email address you used to sign up. Just follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

If you did not receive the email, kindly check your junk/spam folder first or you could just contact us at enquiries@freenow.com.my.

Why can't I register my account?

If you are having trouble registering your account, please send us an email enquiry at enquiries@freenow.com.my

Is there an age limit to sign up as a member of freenow?

Yes. The age limit to successfully redeem a free sample from FreeNow is 18 years old and above.

I have registered but I have not received any verification?

If you have not received an email, kindly check your spam or junk folder first. If there is still no email verification them, please contact us at enquiries@freenow.com.my

How do I delete my account?

We are sad to see you go! But if you do need to delete your account, the only way to do it is to send us an email at enquiries@freenow.com.my

Why can't I sign in?

If you cannot sign in, you might have the wrong password. Try to reset your password and if you are still unable to enter your account, please send us an email at enquiries@freenow.com.my

How can I redeem a free gift?

  1. Sign up as a member at FreeNow.
  2. Answer the questions and fill in the details and select the sample that you want.
  3. A free sample will then be sent to your home

Is it really for free?

Yes, participation and delivery is completely FREE. You will never be asked for your bank account or credit card details so you can be rest assured that everything will be sent to you at no cost. You are also not committed to partake in future purchases. So, yes, everything is totally FREE of charge.

Do I need to buy anything?

No, you do not. This is a completely FREE website and you are never required to pay for anything.

Email Subscriptions And Newsletters

How do I unsubscribe from email notifications?

You can easily unsubscribe from email notifications by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the email and click "Unsubscribe" or "Stop receiving emails". If you can't seem to find that, feel free to email us at enquiries@freenow.com.my.

If I sign up for FreeNow will you spam me?

We will only send emails that are necessary and needed to ensure you have a good experience with FreeNow. Usually that only entails emails that you will get after you have signed up for a sample or an email updating you about the new products once in a while.

Personal Data and Data Sharing

How can I change personal details?

You can change your personal details by visiting your account page.

Is it mandatory to fill up all the personal data when requesting a free sample?

Yes, it is mandatory to fill up and complete all the forms every time you request for a free sample. This is to ensure that we get all the correct information updated every time you use us.

Orders and Delivery

How can I change my shipping address?

If you need to change your shipping address, you can do so when you are checking out your order. Just click on the address displayed and you will then have the option to amend your address if needed.

Why is there a checkout limit?

The limits are there to ensure that everyone gets a chance to redeem the products.

What are all the checkout limits?

Due to the limited quantity of products sent to us, each member is entitled to redeem one (1) sample each day.

How long will it take for my redemption to arrive?

Once the promotion/redemption period ends, it will take 15 working days from then to receive your product.

15 working days equals 3 weeks which is broken down as follows :

  • 1 week to pack
  • 2 weeks for the delivery process.
If you are experiencing delays in your order, please do contact us immediately and we will do our best in confirming the status of your order.

What is the accumulated delivery fee?

There will be no charges incurred by you to get the free samples. Delivery of the samples are free of charge so you would not need to pay for anything.

How do you ship my orders?

All sample will be sent by normal postage services

What happens if there has been a delivery mishap to my order (Damaged goods or lost delivery)

When it comes to delivery mishaps, we truly take these matters very seriously and we will be looking at each case thoroughly.

In the event if your items have been damaged or have gone missing, please follow the instructions below to rectify your problem :

  1. In the event a damaged sample is received, will will require photo proof of the affected samples for us to fully investigate and review your problem before a decision is made to re-send the sample to you which is also subject to availability. In light of this, any sample that you have received that has been damaged, should not be thrown away before taking photo proof and emailing it to us at enquiries@freenow.com.my.
  2. If your mail has been lost, we will try our very best to locate the delivery and postage team and if we find out that there is a clear indication that your order was lost, we will resend the order to you, subject to availability.

Can I track my order?

Unfortunately, because the samples are delivered for free, we do not provide tracking numbers for the packages but we will send you proof of dispatch so that you know when your parcel was sent out.

What if I am not home when my package is delivered?

Usually the postal services will leave a notice mentioning that they tried to deliver your package. Make sure you have that and head over to the post office to collect your parcel or call them to schedule for a second delivery attempt.

Will I get a new sample if mine was damaged/ lost in the mail?

Since we have a limited amount of products given to us by the participating brands, we will send you a new sample if you product has been proven to be damaged or missing but only while stocks last. Please note that the cost of the sample being sent out again must be borne by the you (the user)